Day 2

When I saw this pattern I remembered my son had a hat similar when he was a baby and I just had to make it. The pattern was simple enough but did use something called an extended single crochet stitch which I wasn’t familiar with. Once I got the rhythm down I didn’t have any difficulties. The size was supposed to be newborn but I think I crochet a bit tighter than the author so my hat possibly is a bit smaller. I need to get a different model so I can judge the sizing better. Mr. Hugglesworth really enjoyed the hat but Sen├Ár Hoppy wanted ears too. He didn’t realize that he wouldn’t be able to see. 


Day 1 of 100 day hat challenge

This is my first day! I really wanted to do a 100 day challenge and while losing weight or saving money would be awesome I wanted to start small. I love to crochet and make baby blankets throughout the year. Some I sell, most I donate. I thought newborn hats are simple enough I could do one a day and of course I will be donating them when I’m all done. There are so many patterns to choose and I will do my best to post a link for each pattern so if you liked the hat you can try it yourself. 

Today I started with an easy newborn hat that was created for the American Heart Association’s Little Hats, Big Hearts initiative to raise awareness of heart disease. The hardest part was finding a model for my hat when I was done. I finally found Mr. Hugglesworth and he will be helping me model today and possibly in the future. 

Comments or questions are always welcome and I will do my best to respond promptly. Thank you for your support during my hat journey.