Day 16

If you go down to the woods today

You’re sure of a big surprise.

If you go down to the woods today

You’d better go in disguise!

Mr. Hugglesworth and Brownie are all ready for their day out.

Newborn hat with modified ears from this pattern. Song lyrics above taken from Teddy Bear’s Picnic by Anne Murray.


Day 15

This pattern is called shy butterfly because sometimes you see them and then sometimes you can’t. It took me a while before I was able to see where they were hiding. There is also a matching sweater and booties pattern if you want to have a complete set.  

The hat looked better when it was stretched out and you could see the pattern so Brownie was my model today. 

Day 14

This hat was berry easy to make. The pattern is supposed to be a strawberry but my little koala insists it’s a tomato. I have only made hats in a round before so this was a new experience and I was glad it went smoothly. 

Mr. Hugglesworth was berry impressed by this hat and could bearly keep his enthusiasm contained. 

Author’s note: I apologize sincerely for the awful puns but I really couldn’t help myself. 

Day 13

After losing an hour to daylight savings I am back to simple. Even though I say simple, a basic hat still takes about an hour to make plus then added time if there is an appliqué and when you are switching colors and have to read an unfamiliar pattern it can take up to 3 hours for one of the hats I’ve been making. I used the newborn hat along with this applique

Mr. Hugglesworth was a super star today!

Edit: I couldn’t sleep so I made another one. 

Day 12

My little koala was getting a bit jealous that I’ve been making hats for other kids and not him so I whipped up a Pokémon inspired hat. I used the basic newborn pattern and just added two extra increase rows. This makes a hat big enough for a teen. It really only needed one extra increase row to fit him but I wanted him to be able to enjoy it for a while. As for the pokéball I just winged it (if anyone is really interested I will write out the pattern and post it on here). Thanks!

Day 11

This pattern looked so bright and fun and it was a perfect choice for me on this rainy day. Her directions for the starting row didn’t seem to match up with the photo so I adjusted it by adding a 2nd DC in the first cluster and a SC at the end of the last cluster before joining. I’m sure that’s what she intended, it just didn’t read that way. Honestly I had a bit of trouble in several places but I was able to figure it out. With the flower I did shells instead of picot. I think if you are familiar with traditional granny stitch you will be able to follow this pattern with minimal difficultly. Even with the confusion I would use this pattern again because the end result is adorable.