Day 9

I found a super cool pattern and after struggling all day with sewing the final pieces on I ended up destroying the hat in my attempt. So thoroughly frustrated I put that project aside and just made a different hat. This pattern looked cute and was easy to make saving some of my sanity. The only thing was, my hat seemed huge! I followed the newborn pattern and usually I have the problem of things being too small, but not this time. I keep forgetting to get to the store so I can get a baby doll to try these out on and get a better idea who my hats are going to fit.  *Note: I just went back and re-read the pattern and her infant size is intended for 3-6 months. That explains why it looked so much bigger than I was expecting. Still a lovely hat and she offers the pattern in all sizes. 

Since the hat was a larger size I brought in Brownie who is our senior model. He did a wonderful job. 

*I realize that this may look similar to the granny stitch hat but this hat is made with a puff stitch which is very different. 


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