Day 4

When I saw this pattern with puffs I knew that it was going to be my hat today. I had this soft yellow yarn and when I was done it reminded me of sunshine. The pattern was a bit more difficult in skill level than the last few, but I had done these stitches before and felt confident. Unfortunately I ended up taking almost twice as long to make this hat because I didn’t count my second row stitches and it definitely made a difference. After frogging the project and starting over I didn’t have any more troubles. 

One thing I wanted to talk about was the beginning ring that starts all of these hats. It used to be we’d make a few chain stitches and slip stitch in the start to make the ring. Many of the patterns are still written this way, but once I discovered the method of the magic ring I have not gone back to the original way. It was a bit intimidating at first but I once got the hang of it, I actually found it very easy and love how the ring is the perfect size for all projects. If you haven’t ever tried this technique, I do recommend it.

You are my sunshine, Mr. Hugglesworth, on this cloudy day.


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